Baga Beach Goa – Sunset, Nightlife at Baga Beach

Baga beach, though visited now by tourists from all around India and the world, was first known to be the beach of the long-haired, scruffy hippies. These hippies first came from San Francisco in the 1960s and settled at the beach, making Baga Beach their home. Hence, giving Baga the title in the 1960s and ’70s of being a beach for the hippies.

Baga beach has come a long way since then and is no longer considered to be just a place for the hippies. It is loved and enjoyed by tourists from different walks of life, coming from different parts of the world. Baga Beach till date is one of the most crowded beach areas in Goa.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach

Things to do at Baga Beach

If one is not satisfied with just relaxing on the shores of Baga Beach watching the sunset in the distance, and enjoying a cocktail with some hot finger chips; then there’s so much more you can do at Baga Beach besides chilling!

While at Baga Beach, you can also decide to give yourself a tattoo of your choice, from any one of the numerous tattoo shops present along the beach.

Fun lovers can also try out any, or if not all of the following water sports available here; windsurfing, Jetskiing, water scooters, banana riding and can even take a boat ride to view the dolphins in the deeper end of the sea. There is also a place in the lagoon of Baga that offers

Barracuda diving to the tourists that want to explore something new.
Besides the plentiful water sports at your service, Baga beach is also home to several massage parlors to those who want to feel a sense of relaxation.

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Things to visit around Baga Beach

Around the corner above a hill overlooking the vast blue Arabian Sea, one can see the lovely retreat home; ‘The Casa de Retiros,’ which is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier.

Baga is also filled with amusement parks, built for both kids as well as adults. It’s a great place to take your children to, to have some fun as a family.
Some of the amusement parks at Baga include; The Blue Whale Water Park and The Monsoon Fun Park.

On the streets of Baga, there are also a couple of yoga retreat centers like the ABS yoga retreat center along Tito’s lane in Baga, conducting yoga sessions for those interested.
The church of ‘Our Lady of Piety’ situated on the Baga – Calangute road is another place worth visiting while you take a walk discovering the hidden treasures of Baga.

Nightlife at Baga Beach

The Nightlife at Baga Beach is a very famous and popular night destination known to tourists for many years now. The streets of Baga are filled with some of the most lively nightclubs seen in Goa.

The most famous area known to the tourists to be the area of clubbing in Goa is Tito’s lane, which is a few km away from the main beach area. This lane houses one of the most popular nightclubs in Goa, known as ‘Tito’s.’ The street is also filled with other night clubs besides Tito’s which are just as enjoyable, with live Dj’s and a choice of your favorite hot drinks.

Another famous club at Baga, is Café Mambo’s, which is just a few steps away from Tito’s and is a popular place for foreigners as well as the local crowd, who come here to enjoy dancing to some EDM and House music.

Besides Clubbing, tourists can also enjoy a walk on the streets of Baga, passing the endless number of shops and boutiques filled with plenty of goodies and takeaways.

Popular Restaurants in Baga.

Baga Beach is filled with exotic restaurants all around the streets and beach, offering some of the most divine cuisines and seafood available in each of these restaurants. Britto’s a popular restaurant, well known for its Goan cuisine, is located right on Baga Beach, and is admired for the variety of food it serves by the tourists that come here.

Other popular restaurants in Baga include; Cape Town Café, a café on Tito’s lane that provides beverages and special Goan curries.

‘Dream Catcher’ another restaurant right on the beach, that serves delicious food and drinks. Also, under the beautiful moonlight night, at the creek lies an open-air dining restaurant with a beautiful ambiance known as ‘Go With The Flow.’
However, if none of these match your expectation, you can always choose to take a stroll along the streets of Baga and hop into any of the restaurants that catch your eye; as Baga has limitless number of eating joints filled with yummy exotic food and music.

Hotels around Baga Beach

Baga Beach, being another popular tourist destination, besides Calangute Beach and Candolim Beach, naturally makes way for a whole chain of hotels, resorts, villas and guest homes.

Most of the luxurious villas and hotels find themselves scattered along Tito’s lane, all providing on the house benefits such as free wifi, a swimming pool, and a spa and gym. The hotels around Baga may vary in the budget. Those closer to the beachfront offering a view of the beach may cost well more than those situated in between the Baga and Calangute Roads. We recommend that you book your hotel in advance before coming to Goa, to make sure of its availability.

Getting to Baga Beach

By Air — The Dabolim International Airport is 39.9 km from Baga. It is well connected with major Indian cities and has transport to take you directly to the beach front.

By Rail — The Vasco da Gama railway station is 42.7 km away. Madgaon, another important railhead in Goa, is 50.9 km away. However, the closer railways are Karmali and Thivim both about 20 km away from the beach.

By Road — The beach is 10.5 km from Mapusa and 17.6 km from Goa’s capital Panaji.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and learn about Baga Beach, one of the best places to visit Goa, if you plan a trip here. See you on the other side for another article on Goa’s most loved tourist destinations. Do keep in touch!

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